Massive Warfare

The next generation laser tag system

Laser tag:

You get hit, nothing happens. Perhaps you hear a 'ploink'.


There is pain, but no gain. How many times did you die?
No idea.

Massive Warfare

Pain, stats, strategy, gaming in real life. That's it.

Updates, in dutch

What is Massive Warfare?

Massive Warfare is a GPS powered, shock based, mobile laser tag system.

The system is based on the Massive Warfare app for iOS or Android. Every laser tag gun pairs with your mobile device using Bluetooth. The app detects the gun and enables you to play with and against other players.

The gun contains a shock module, which will give you a little electrical shock when you are hit. And it actually hurts! You can tweak how bad it hurts though.

Massive Warfare is still work in progress. We plan to start a test location in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Let us know if you want to be a part of our test rounds.

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Where is it?

We will start a test location in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands: